Maridi a pioneer Company in the Filed of hospital Waste Management. It is an Engineering Company with a decade long experience in providing Technology, Equipment and solution for Waste Management
Maridi Bio Industries Pvt Ltd company, offers a complete line of disposal and compliance services for either small health care facilities or large health care systems.

  • Medical Waste Disposal services individually tailored to your location’s specific needs.
    Sharps Disposal by Mail services to help small health practices and rural locations dispose of their medical waste in an affordable, compliant mail disposal system.

Maridi Bio Industries Pvt Ltd, is a nation-wide medical waste disposal company that provides Medical and Biohazardous Waste Management Services. We guarantee effective medical and biohazardous waste removal in accordance with all state and federal guidelines, at an affordable price.
What Makes Our Medical Waste Company Different?

Here are five reasons why you should choose BioMedical Waste Solutions over any other medical waste company:

We offer a complete Medical Waste Management solution: including 24/7 medical waste pick-up service, sharps mail-back service, online sale (individual and wholesale) .
You never reach a voicemail when you call us. You will speak with a live human operator who will provide a solution to your problem on the spot. If your problem is unique, we will trouble shoot the problem and find a solution within 24 hours.
If you’re looking for pricing on our medical waste disposal services, we offer a 24 Hour “Fast Quote”. We guarantee a quote for medical waste removal within 24 hours. Most quotes are provided the same day they are requested.
We offer flat-rate service and guarantee zero price increases during your initial contract period. Simply put, we do not believe in hidden fees. As a policy, we do not bill for fuel, stop fees, minimum pickup fees, additional disposal fees, etc.
We strike a balance.

With us, you get great customer service and a great price. We do not believe in offering unrealistic prices and compromising on reliability and customer service just to get your business. We make sure you get true value and a partner to help you manage your facility’s medical waste stream.

Give us a call and let us partner with you to manage your healthcare facility’s medical waste stream.